They all agree...

I want to thank Dane Electric and their commitment to this project. It has been the key to the success of this project from the start. Having worked for and with many electrical contractors over the past twenty years, I can tell you there are few as professional as Dane Electric. The safe and timely completion of this project Is a testament to Dane Electric’s planning on coordination.

The technicians who made the repairs to our fuel monitoring system at the Devon Energy hanger were extremely professional & did a great job. They keep us updated & communicated well throughout the process. They were always mindful of the security requirements of working on the airport and dedicated to getting the job done right. Please pass on to Kevin, Jeff, Nicki, and to their supervisors my comments & our appreciation for a job well done.

I wanted to thank Dane Electric for all of their hard work and help at the Chickasaw Cultural Center project in Sulfur, Oklahoma. We had many problems which had to be dealt with in order to complete the project and Dane Electric made sure that all problems were solved. Dane Electric’s “can do” attitude was refreshing and contributed to the improvement at the site. The underground conduit installation comes quickly to mind and the pride in workmanship of Dane Electric was reflected in your approach to the situation. Equally important, when Dane Electric made promises, they were kept, such as committing to meet with us every morning at 8:00am and again at the end of the day and on those rare occasions when we were unable to meet, the electricians at Dane Electric made a point of calling us to go over the topics of the day. Dane Electric recognized the importance of our completion dates for the individual daily jobs as well as the overall schedule and Dane Electric invariably met the dates as promised. This was not the case prior to the arrival of Dane Electric. Our expectation when you arrived was that Dane Electric would assume control of the electrical completion in terms of quality, productivity, adherence to code, and schedule and maintain that oversight until the project was completed, in all areas, Dane Electric met or exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasure with Dane Electric at Sulfur, much as it was at the airport project several years ago. Should the opportunity arise, I look forward to working with you again in the future.
— The Boldt Company

For many years, Dane and Associates Electric Company has been providing excellent electrical services for our site. Virtually all of our projects require coordination with production schedules and have tight windows of opportunity for completion. Dane Electric’s consistent ability to meet these strict time constraints and their professionalism in providing experienced wiremen to complete our projects safely and according to Xerox quality standards have always exceeded our expectations.
Among the many projects Dane Electric has completed for us, they are replacing the entire Simplex Fire Alarm System, furnishing and installing electrical switchgear, process control, and equipment power wiring, yearly shut down projects, and many other projects time-sensitive to our different production schedules. While Dane Electric has been the site’s primary electrical services provider for much longer than others, I have personally had the opportunity to work with Dane Electric for almost 13 years, and I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism, quality of work, attention to detail, and ability to meet time constraints which are often demanding.
— Xerox

I want to take a moment to tell you about the best experience I had, thanks to two of your electricians. I was recently visiting the fairgrounds in Oklahoma City and I was having issues with a new Bus I had just purchased. A storm came through the area and took out a lot of power at the fairgrounds and due to a spike when power was restored caused my coach to burn out a switch. One of your techs, Nathan, and another gentleman working with him at the time, took care of me like I was part of their family. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased and grateful I was that Nathan was able to communicate with the service dept. from where I purchased my unit, to get walked through a step by step process to get me up and running. These two guys from Dane went way beyond the call of duty to help me and it was fantastic. I hope you realize the quality of people you have on staff. Professional, Knowledgeable and willing to do what ever it took to get me up and running. Thank you, Dane & Associates, for having that quality of people on staff. I can only hope that my service staff is that good! My hats off to you all.
— Michael Vargo