Beau Applegate

Title: Service Department Support

What do you really do? I take incoming service calls from customers and create corresponding dispatches, provide estimates on small jobs, project manage service department jobs, and help facilitate good customer relations by providing effective communications.

Years with Dane Electric: 11

Years of industry experience: 13

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Why do you do what you do? I have always liked working with electronics and electricity. I was tired of working in retail, and when I saw the movie Office Space, I decided that working with my hands was what I wanted to do. Working for an electrical contractor is very satisfying because when you complete a job, the lights come on. On the service side where something breaks down, the task of coming up with a solution to the problem is rewarding when it is back up and running.

Favorite "Dane" story? Once, we were working to install conduit for a speaker system at the Boone Pickens Stadium at Oklahoma State University. While we were there, another company asked us to provide additional labor to help them move the new speakers that were, "the size of an office desk." Because the speaker housing structure was located on the rooftop of the Gallagher-Iba Arena, the speakers were airlifted from the parking lot to the rooftop. From there, we carried them the last 30 feet to their final location. This job allowed me to see the OSU football field from a perspective that few will ever see. Not to mention, catching speakers from under a Huey helicopter was awesome!

Hobbies and interests: I have two kids, and I have no hobbies. Ha! The only hobby I am still clinging on to is sailing. I have my Grandpa's 1964 Oday Mariner Sailboat. He used to love to sail. I hope to pass the love of sailing down to my kids.

Family? My wife and I have two kids, ages 6 and 12. Both are active in competitive swimming.

Anything else that we should know about you? I grew up on a large ranch. My worst subject in school was English, and my mom was the high school English teacher. It wasn't her fault though, so please forgive my spelling if I ever send you an email! I graduated from OSU.